International Commercial Terms Maintained by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), this codification of terms is used in foreign trade contracts to define the point up to which the seller is responsible for the delivery of the goods and the point in which the risk of loss is transferred from the seller to the buyer. The last edition, Incoterms 2000 contains 13 codes:
EXW - Ex - works
FCA - Free Carrier (named place)
FAS - Free Alongside Ship (named port of shipment)
FOB - Free On Board (named port of shipment)
FCA - Free Carrier (named place)
CFR - Cost and Freight (named port of destination)
CIF - Cost Insurance and Freight (named port of destination)
CPT - Carriage paid to (named place of destination)
CIP - Carriage and Insurance paid to (named place of destination)
DAF- Delivered At Frontier (named place)
DES - Delivered Ex Ship (named port of destination)
DEQ - Delivered Ex Quay (named port of destination)
DDU - Delivered Duty Unpaid (named place of destination)
DDP - Delivered Duty Paid (named place of destination)

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